I often feel like I don't fit in with people or groups. I'm definitely an introvert & people don't always seem to understand that. They just tell me to get over it & be more outgoing. When I'm in a crowd or group, I feel out of place.
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3 Responses Feb 6, 2014

Me too, hun.

If someone were to say to me to "be more outgoing" though, they would have something else coming, lol. I do not tolerate such language. If everyone was talking all the time, no one would listen. It's ok to be an introvert.

I feel the same way all the time, but I don't know.. I guess it just really takes time to settle in and open up to people one at a time :) It'll get better! I really should tell myself this too, but only now do I realize that it's true haha..

I thought I was the only one