I'm not sure what category I belong. I feel like 2 different people . The responsible woman .. Wife , mother, daughter, friend.. ( you now the woman they will describe at my eulogy when I'm dead) and the strongly sexual adventurous woman that I only reveal online .. Anonymously with an alias. She hides .. She waits. She wants to play . Maybe I need a like minded lover.. Someone who knows the good girl I am but gives the other side permission to come out .. It's not that easy to find that person in real life because I think we all hide! Not to mention the fact that you can't walk up to a random person and say hi I'm .... What are you into? What turns you on? LOL!!
lillyclaire lillyclaire
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women have to play so many roles these days,and wear so many hats,along the way,lillyclaire gets lost in the shuffle,your not called by name for the most part,mum love hun.Its easy to see how it would make you feel,you lose a whole chunk of who you were as person,now you have lots of titles, now of them are much to do with lillyclaire...........................its getting more and more common...........hang in there ................xx

Thank you. You've nailed it

Ideally .

Ideally, you should be able to discuss your ... desires ... with your spouse. I take it that's not an option?