Hey guys, my life has been pretty good so far but lately I feel like I don't belong in my country.
It started like a few months ago when I went to Thailand for a month with someone I thought was my friend, and it was really fun, I saw a lot of cool stuff and knew a lot of people from different nationalities that I really enjoyed their company and had stuff in common with them.
then my so called friend pretty much acted like a douchebag, and for some reason I stayed his friend.
now a few months later I went fishing with this "friend" and another one and they have been acting like a**holes(speaking condescendingly, speaking about how smart, strong and successful they are although they are total losers now when I look at it.)
and then I moved to another group of friends but they also talk like they are better than anyone else and actually I think it's a problem with people from my country.
The main reason I feel like I don't belong is the people here which always think they are so perfect and since I'm kinda geeky I find nothing in common with them. but there are a few more reasons like the fact that my dreams can't come true if I stay here(because this country has very few jobs and most of them I find boring, even those that are interesting, here you do nothing.)and living here is pretty expensive.
did anyone else been here? know what I'm talking about?
and maybe someone who has been that way and can give us tips on what should we do?
Thank you
msawsome44 msawsome44
22-25, M
Aug 20, 2014