I'm not interested in the unnecessary gossip people around me always seem to be talking about, or in the constant criticism that goes around. I prefer to stay away from everyone. Even though I get lonely sometimes, I think it's better than to listen to conversations that don't contribute anything positive. Lately, I've even started to stay away from my friends because they've fallen into this collective cycle, and I just don't feel like I belong there.
YeuxNoirs YeuxNoirs
26-30, F
2 Responses Nov 24, 2014

In college I was the same way. Too much hate and not enough looking for good things in people....

I feel the same. At break when everyone else is in the canteen, i go upstairs to the library and read. I have one friend in school who i'm lucky to have, but she has other friends too so i see her at other times.

I hope you feel you can belong in EP, and that you meet people some day whom you can belong with :)