I don't know where I fit in....I do not know where my place really is.
I am lost, just wondering through life, searching for a place where maybe I may just belong, but never finding it, like a gypsy moving across the land.
I am deeper minded than most, in thought, emotions, feelings. No one understands "Me" I try to explain, express, tell....but yet it falls on deaf ears, they do not understand. I try to fit into their world, laugh with their jokes, join conversations, but it does not really work, I always feel uncomfortable.
I feel like an alien in a human race. trying to fit in, trying to find a place amongst everyone else, I just do not belong any where, no one seems to speak my language.
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2 Responses Nov 28, 2014

Why don't u search through some religions, might help u find ur soul..

I know how you feel! I feel lost and confused from time to time in the middle of nowhere, you just have to go on a journey and search for what will make you happy and if thats not possible just have to make do with what you got now until opportunities come along