I just started college this week, 4 days have passed and I already feel like i don't belong. I'm considered a foreigner in my country due to dual citizenship. Not only in that aspect but I've always felt foreign. My classmates have no sense of maturity and are very childish. I'm trying to cope up with the environment that I forced myself into but I have two options: one is to put effort into socializing with the people around me or keep to myself and just wait for people to approach me. Not to sound superficial I've always had a vast group of close friends and always seemed to be prioritized by them. I'm not used to being lonely or alone at all. Have no idea what to do. This has been the most exhausting week of my life even just writing this makes me want to hibernate.
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I found this ask.fm that seems to help people with advice. I just thought I should tell people. www.ask.fm/StepIntoMyOffice

Okay, I Understand you. Once your around these people say hi and express yourself according to how you feel talk whenever you feel like the conversation interest you or if you feel like getting to know them for who they are and they'll start acting differently once you get to know them well.

The language barrier kind of ruins that option, however; ill be more confident and consider your advice. Thank you! :)

Your very welcome(:-). I understand. I Believe in you, If you do the best you can to talk with them then it will all go well for you. Thank you for accepting my advice Dear One.(:-)

I attend a community college in which my classes are riddled with young adults (though they definitely don't act mature) whereas I'm 33 years old. I empathize with you on this.

Thanks for sharing. I feel better that I'm not the only one who feels this way. I'm just going to go with the flow for awhile. keep myself busy. Goodluck in your journey through college btw! :)

I guess the most important thing is to keep our focus on our goals but it would be nice to have some study buddys at least...

Thank you for the well-wishing, and I really wish you very well with your studies and the company you keep. Sincerity and genuine characters are difficult to seek out amongst the masses I have come to the conclusion...

Thanks so much! You've lifted up my spirits! :) And i 100% agree and relate to your last point.

damn it feels good to know someone else can identify, no matter where they may be on this planet :) You've also somewhat illuminated my senses!

I really hope ill be able to meet someone like you in my college, as mature and sincere. :)

believe me the feeling's mutual, though I highly doubt it as I've already been enrolled there for the past 5 months now :/

I used to enjoy being a solo character, now though I consider it as loneliness compared to past times when I considered it as being self-assured

Maybe after a long time being alone has blinded you into thinking that you actually are lonely. I don't think you're lonely. :)

I have really developed unhealthy anti-social tendencies...don't get me wrong I'm not sitting here rocking back and forth furiously in my chair wielding a loaded shotgun or anything but I just really feel as though I don't offer much to anyone in reality

haha your comment made me laugh. not to offend people who are anti-social. what kind of unhealthy anti-social tendencies? You offered me alot with your advice. :)

well I tend to hold people in contempt for simple, stereotypical reasons. I find that many people are amused, entertained and encouraged by simple, crass elements that personally I receive as distasteful and shallow...

I also do the same. I don't find it as being anti-social. We all have our preferences. My friends are obsessed with twitter, instagram, and facebook. I find it vain and self serving and also like you distasteful and shallow.

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