I have dayshavoo all the time. I witness death and the end of the world. I see people I love die in front of me . I feel so far away from the world but living in it. I go to church and don't feel any better. I feel like I'm living a fake life but don't know how to wake up. I'm working so hard in this life to stay on top of things that I am having the same health problems that older men like in there 60-70's but I'm 30 with a mind of 16 and want to be 3 years my wife tells me my dreams are not real jus go back to sleep. It's going to happen and I'm trying to change it. I have seen my own death when I turn 54-56 yrs old and time is running out. HELP ME!!! I play video games to help me deal with life but most part I'm ready to retire and I'm ,30
Bustedox219 Bustedox219
Jul 6, 2015