I have always felt like I don't belong, never quite fit in. I get along with others wells enough, but I never feel a closeness, never feel truly accepted. Psychology tells me that this is simply my perception of things. The question is where does that perception come from? I don't even feel loved in my marriage or part of my family, always on the outside looking in, never quite measuring up to someone else's expectations. It all makes me tired and deeply saddened and I often feel trapped. Sometimes I can only feel truly comfortable when I am alone as there is no one to share my thoughts or feelings with who would actually care to listen or feel with me. I listen more that I talk, perhaps people don't expect to listen to me, I don't know. What I do know is that I somehow shouldn't be here, I am not where I should be, I am lost among strangers in a strange world. Where is home?
smartja23 smartja23
51-55, M
Nov 17, 2015