love is the domain of evil. where demons play on human stupidity. dreams of hope rise in shining crystalline pillars, glorious and eternal. only to be smashed into billions of sparkling shards that razorlike scythe into our soul. our being explodes in a red mist of agony. nerves afire and mind stretched to the breaking point.

and that is when the true evil shows. a daemon laughingly gathers fragments of agony under its wings of white. gentle soothing magic binds the soul back together whole and clean. unscarred except for the memory of agony. and with a gentle kiss ....
shoves you back into the meat grinder to face agony once again.

death is no freedom...death is evils playground.the boneyard where evil reassembles our parts and marches us once again into battle. a bloody gladitorial combat called life.
where random chance and ruthlessness make a breif respite before death claims us again

eternal pain. this is the love of the immortal ones. the beautiful devils.

for the face of evil is not hideous. the face of evil is beautiful. a cold perfect beauty of golden light and angelic wing.
it only shows in the flame of love.
beauty and pain.
ArnoldJRimmer ArnoldJRimmer
46-50, M
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The daughters of Eve are bred to deceive. I've found Lilith's progeny love honestly.