i feel like i don't belong in this world.
i feel like i don't belong in the family I'm in.
i struggle with alot of different things...i have ever since i was a teenager..and i have never been able to trust my family, i have never believed that they loved me.
i feel out of place and unwanted.
they think I'm something or someone I'm not.
they make me out to be this horrible person...I've never hurt anyone or anything in my life...
i feel like my life is a bad dream that someone is having...sometimes this doesn't feel real...
i spend most of my days praying for death..praying to who i dont know.
i hope is that i die soon...
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26-30, F
2 Responses Jan 30, 2016

I use to feel that way. what really helped me is i moved away from them. i started a new life, depending only on myself. Now i have met new people that share my interests, that really understand where I'm coming from. I still miss my family and friends at times. I have a better relationship with them now then i did when i was living near them.

i wish i could do that...maybe one day

I feel like this except I think my parents love me I just don't feel very loved