I wish I were American or European and lived there where there is a completely different approach to solving any problems. Be it problems in job search, studying, relationships, sex life, money problems... Where you start to live on your own nearly turning 18 and your parents buy you a flat and a car and you start to live a life of a complete adult. Where you change as many sex partners as you want to fulfill your desires searching for your significant one. Where marriage means nothing but a couple of signatures on the paper and never lasts long by statistics. Where a kid nearly says his parents 'stay away from my life or I can sue you for tapping me on my shoulder'. Where everybody watches what they are saying because there are words that only black people can use talking about themselves. I mean, I wanna live there but... with my Russian mentality, way of thinking. And here, I am depressed almost every day and I cannot live my life not only to the fullest but I don't even experience those daily joys that an average American does.
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Euhm that is not how the average European spends their life... And I'm pretty sure the same goes for Americans...

Really? I'm an American! I cut lawns and feed pigs when I was a teen for any spending money I had. I graduated high school and worked every job I could to purchase my own car and pay for the insurance and maintenance to make it legal and safe. I married my high school sweetheart and live in a tiny apartment until we could afford to buy our own house in the mean time we had two sons that we kept engaged in matters that were important. I built a career and started my own business. In the midst of that I struggled with gender identity but still managed to keep most of my life together even if it meant divorcing my first wife because she needed a man not a woman and I've gained the support and love of family and friends because we were honest and open and remained friends. "She just passed this last Christmas" my children and I miss her.
So before you condemn Americans with your hyperbole and your exaggerations, please know that there are many kinds of wonderful people in my country, just as I assume there are in yours who want nothing more then the chance at a family (regardless of the sex of the partners) and the probability to succeed with as little government involvement as possible.

Really was because you painted a picture that is not true and is a stereotype that is ugly. If you agree that freedom is more important the government control then you need to be here but not with the attitude that everything is as you wrote. You work hard in this country (and most do) you get what you need.
Yes there is a lot of entailment going on and there is a lot of privilege as well. But most of that is just media sensationalism.

I am very blessed! And I get annoyed when people knock the USA, even with all its faults. It sounded like you were putting it down. I understand that is the case in Russia, it always is in a totalitarian government where you are given what the government wants you to have. Here people are allowed to succeed or fail on their own. Unfortunately the young socialists that are getting their way here need to have to listen to someone like you. Our freedoms are being taken from us by that mentality.

Ok, but you need to know that most of those things might happen they aren't the norm so when you gave them as what your impression of the USA is they are exaggerations not facts. Most people here are lucky to have what they have because they earned it!

I like that dream! Make it happen! But sadly there are not of family farms. Well there are but most of the food production is contracted by large industrial growers for the food companies. I'm not sure of the requirements for immigration on that work path. But you can certainly look into it.

Now that sounds like the America I know! Better hurry though! There are people over here that really think the way it is over there is a good thing!

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