I Feel Like I Am A Outsider

        I feel I don't belong to any social network or circle of any kind. I get a feeling of being an oursider, with no place to run for comfort or someone to talk to at times. Its almost as if at times I am like an alien from another world. No one has the ability to understand what I am saying because it goes above and beyond peoples heads. WIth my logical mind, I talk about things and see things a regular person will notice or even care to ponder about. This separation between how I percieve my environment and how other people's perception, creates a void between us.

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3 Responses Feb 19, 2010

Me too , other people's perception very often don't fit my views of the world, it's frustrating.

I know exactly how you feel,<br />
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I always feel like an alien, I have accepted the fact that people have different views and perceptions and try to see through their eyes

Dark truth, you are my friend, and I will always be yours. Its a general picture of how I feel but it doesn't mean I have no friends or people who people who care about me. I just feel different in how my perception and view of the world is.