To Whom It May Concern,

In high school I had no problem making friends, unfortunately there were those who were rude. Eventually they got to me I acted up and switched schools. I discovered something that saved me. A school that worked, teachers who cared, and students that set aside there differences to get through a rough time. Now I feel like I am back at that big crowed high school, only this time I am in a college trade program. As the days go on it gets harder to ignore the mean comments, rude stares, and the over all rudeness. I'm not happy, but it's a year and a half program and I have 2 terms left. How am I going to stick it out? I have no clue! It's hard having to do a group project on your own, and not being able to have a study group. I managed to maintain a B average so far. I just think that it is ridiculous that the @$$ kissers get rewarded and everyone else gets a do better. Today we had an award ceremony, the student of the term was a selfish person. The award is suppose to go to someone that improved most and that helped people. She hasn't helped anyone, and how can she approve when she's never had anything below 100%? I know who deserved it! Not me, but another classmate who truly did improve. Anyways I think the system is screwed up, and I think that the teachers need a face lift. Should I bring up my concerns?
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1 Response Sep 10, 2012

Bring up your concerns, let your voice be heard. It may not change a thing but at the least you will have shared what you are seeing. Maybe others will step up and do the same. <br />
Good luck.