On The Way To Find Myself

Its my first experience to write a story that to about my personal life...
we often feel we are professionals, good friends or any other kind of reputations we need to satisfy our soul..
Do i look good? am i lucky? is thr anyone who likes me? will i be a center of attraction? will i succed in my personal life? wil i get a good job????????????
lot many questions when i just turned 18
i always had the feel that im not happy in my life and everyone neglect me and al.
I was often scared to express what i really wanted so best way was "silence" i was such a silent gal in my life i neither had friends to share nor i was feeling comfortable to share it with my family but i was too studious, studies is the only way i was getting relaxed
but when i joined my BE i met with a gal who often got close to me, i was watching her enjoying out with her boy friends then i got a feel when i look better than her why dont i have a single one whom i can depend?? this question completely turned my life in to a different way
i got a guy contact from her it was totally a different experience to close my book and share my feel through words i mean chatting it excited me to such an exten that i addicted to my cellphone like anything . I spoke i spoke .... day and night to my heart extent in between this i got two more friends too thr name was ram and roshan.. ram was a good friend roshan was like my brother
i started speking to all the three not knowing that they three whre working in the same company and they know each other
i trusted all the three.first guy whose name is kiran started proposing me i did not knew how to react whether to say yes ir no but i did not agree his proposal but asked him to meet me personally in between all thiese roshan had become close to me i dont have any brother i was impressed by his care and his words . i some how met kiran on one fine day but he did not like me coz i was very simple gal and did not knew how to dress myself well then he started neglecting me even i was not bothered much coz i did not had any kind of feel for him but dont know what happened suddenly roshan did not pick my call for few days i was addicted to speaking to him i could not tolerate i went mad and called fifty times again no response one of my friend suggested to try from some other no. i did it he picked the call and disconnected after listening my voice i went totally depressed and called my another friend ram and said everything i liked the way he convinced me i got attracted towards him .. we met once he was quite handsome more than that i liked the way he spoke with me our new relation strated . we met quite often i had some kind of feel for him but he had a gal friend so i did not think much about it
later they got break up
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Jul 11, 2011