Losing It All

A year ago if anyone told me I would be where I am today I never would have believed them.
This year has been extremely difficult emotionally,personally, and financially. My Mom passed away,but she had to spend weeks in the hospital. Connected to tubes, wires, and machines she never wanted that at all. She and I discussed it and she had a LivingWill, but my oldest sibling was angry when I found it and asked the doctors to follow her wishes. It was three against one there was no hope for her to live and be healthy. The oldest sibling wanted control, the youngest wanted pity, lashing out at me, and the other sibling was the Power of Attorney. I sunk into the depths of depression and was hospitalized. I had a car accident and the injuries have left me in constant pain. I was experienced verbal,emotional, physical, and psychological abuse and torment from two coworkers. I reported and documented it all, now they have told the rest of my coworkers that I lied. My personal possessions at work have disappeared, no one at work will talk to me, and I am being pressured to resign. A few months ago the one supportive family member I had passed away. My biological family no longer speaks to me, but tell everyone that I killed my Mom. My husband doesn't want to be a part of this.... I have lost myself,my dreams,my goals,and have no ambition.... There is no life just an empty shell that goes through the motions of life...
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1 Response Dec 30, 2012

You are not the only one to feel hopeless, depressed and lost. So the good news is, your normal! I've felt this way so many times and still do some times. We're not perfect and life is not perfect/fair and because of this, we can sometimes break down spritually, emotionally and physically. My advise to you is to, take care of yourself and I don't mean just physically but also emotionally and spritually. We at times forget to take care of ourselves because were to busy taking care of others and that can be very dangerious to our health which in turn, can break us down spritually and emotionally. From someone who has felt the way you have and has gotten through the darkness with a battle; I ask that you please read your bible daily, pray incessantly, take time for yourself and think about the good that has happened in your life. And don't forget to count your blessings(: Take care of you!!! ISA; 41:10, psalsms;37:11, 28;1-9, Roms;12:12