I Have Lost Me

It was my fault. I let myself live my life around my husband's. Around his timing. His plans. His needs and wants. It used to work because I always managed to squeeze some time for me. But that all went away after my daughter came along. I love her to bits and have  not regrets having her. But, I wish her father was someone else. Someone who isn't selfish and only think of his needs and wants and forgets I am also human with my own needs and wants. I have buried me under a pile of obligations, childcare, chores, etc...

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3 Responses Dec 16, 2008

Oh, how I can identify. I am at the same place. Add all of what you described to living with a rude teenager that constantly puts you in no-win situations and you have me. I am self-employed, but micromanaged to the Nth degree at home. Somewhere along the way I gave my husband and son the message that it's OK to be rude and dismissive to me. I've tried very hard for so long and I think I am done trying. With every episode I am one foot closer to the door.

Understand! Hang in there.

(hug)....It's so easy to do....and us gals are raised to please our man....our mom's did it for our dads, and so the saga continues....It's really hard to break the cycle, too, if you are a caring, nurturing person, by nature....problem is, there are a lot of men out there, that would love to take advantage of that kindness...sounds like that's happened to you...<br />
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Take care.