Special Observance

I don't cooperate with my psychiatrist so they put microphones and hidden camera's in my
hired room (possible because my landlord is an ex patient) they can track me because of
my cellular phone) and they look in my internet. And the worst thing is that this is going on
for years because i'm so angry that i don't want to cooperate anymore.
Not only the therapists but also all the patients in my small town know what happens in my town. They think it liberating for me if all the hundreds of other patients can see what i'm looking on internet. How much I ****. where I go. And nobody says something
directly to me for years. Only innuendos and gestures as feedback. Some do it for therapeutic reasons and other just like humilating you. Only one of the psychiatrist has admitted this technology and all the others deny it and continue for my sake. nothing
has ever made me so ****** up as this therapy, not even my own parents.
I'm craving for privacy. Now they say it stopped but i don't believe them and they want
to put me on antipsychotics. Sometimes i believe for a little while that it has stopped
but then I| think they want me to take the medicine to calm me and accept this new horribel
type of therapy. Even the things i say under alcohol/drugs when i come home goes
out of my room. I haven't had privacy for years and it making me really paranoid and
i'm getting outburst of anger at the moment. Nobody talks about it because it's not constitutional but they still believe this benifits me. I thionk their should be a normal and respectful balance between privacy and openess. this is just humiliating.Does this also
happens in the USA?
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Jan 18, 2013