Keep On Keeping On

I married when I was 18,. had 3 childern, when the youngest was born I developed serious Arthritis, okay my hubsand had a drinking problem. I was able to stay home and raise my kids, that was the good part of my marriage...I wanted my kids to have a normal life as possible HOW? He was not able to norish his sons as he should have, but he did his best.. My arthrits got so bad I had to go to bed,

I mananged to go to School to PTA mettings sports activites ETC, All the time I was in pain, house work doctors appointments
had to be taken care of. telling my boys about how to conduct themselves was something i had to be strong
washing clothes  was so hard, my hands hurt at times we didn"t have a washer...Trying to hide my hubsand drunkness was trying, I did not want the kids to see him that way We had a fairly good life inspite of my illinness and their father"s,, in fact others thought we were a
happy family.The one thing I regrete is, I was not able to attend church regular.

my kids are all middle age now, they all went to School 2 went to collage 1 has a good job. they all go to church with their families.
my spouse and i are still together, he did stop drinking years ago, but he didn't get help for his mind, so he is not able to function as he should. My family and I are still caring on , with everything we have Christmas at my home every year. I am getting where I can't do the work like I use too.therefore we have to make changes. I am so grateful I was strong enough to bring my kids up.
Bluebird777 Bluebird777
70+, F
May 10, 2012