I Don't Know What Happened

My friend and I were hanging out a lot then all of a sudden they just say. You need some friends, friends who are actually willing to hang out with you.  I mean I've been really generous this summer.  I didn't even ask my friend from out of town to come up.  I've been really generous. I just don't know what I did wrong because she has been the one asking me to hang out. This ******* sucks...
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She's never done anything mean like this before so I don't know if she was trying to take advantage of me generosity or just plain never wanted to be my friend in the first place

I really hope there are other friends out there. I'm going to try not to wait around but I think I will anyway because I really really miss her.

It sucks to feel like you are being the bad guy sometimes, but it could be for your own good. Don't wait around for her,when their are other friends out there waiting for you. The world is such a wide open place. Search and take time and you will find real friends. Peace to you,J

I could never do that to her. By the way I'm really sorry to hear about what your best friend did to you. Thats really horrible.

treat her like a non entity

The weird thing about the whole situation was that after she said it was hung out for an hour and she kept acting like everything was normal.

It's probably nothing you did. Girls are funny. When I was 9 I had a best friend. All of a sudden she said I don't want to be your best friend, A is my best friend. I was crushed. She stopped hanging around with me, I made a new friend and didn't give her a second thought. I ran into her in college, and she wanted to be my friend again. I said ok, figuring that was a long time ago. She introduced me to her boyfriends friend and we both got along and started dating. We both got pregnant at the same time, she lost the baby. She would not talk to me or participate in my shower after the baby was born. I forgave her. She broke up with her boyfriend. We became friends again. She got engaged I gave her money for her wedding. After her wedding I never got a thank you or heard from her again. once, twice, three times bitten

I just feel like it was my fault, that I did something horriby wrong. I sent them an email telling them that I'm sorry they had to hang out with me and that I would never bother then again but I still feel like ****.

I'm so sorry.That really sucks. Try not to feel crushed. I'm sorry for you.Peace and love, J

Wtf? I'm not sure why people are like this. I'm sorry your friends hurt you. It makes no sense!