Well i definetly treat most of my friends better then they treat me.

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Hate to break it to you, but when you are straight most nights aren't lonely.

Its ok, you can own up to what you do on those dark lonely nights. :P

Stop peer pressuring me, I am not into gay ****!

Lol, its not gay ****. try it.

no thanks, something tells me that isn't the place for me.

you will get there eventually babe, don't worry.

Oh wait my bad, probably puberty hit and you grew some balls.

Judging from the story doesnt look like you got any nuts.

i wrote this years ago, get off my nuts

Stop complaining. :P

my friends are pretty sensitive they are just ********.

You are more sensitive than your friends I would imagine.


You did!

Well put your mind at ease then!

Okay. Just wondering.

omg you know you aren't...

Hmm, I hope I'm not included in the friends you're talking about. If so, let me know, I can leave you alone too.

Maybe? I dunno.

No worries about it.

pretty much.