Did you ever meet someone and feel a strong connection to them without even really knowing them? Like they just "get" you and you feel like you know them and feel empathy towards them. Insignificant things they say like certain words, phrases or sayings are ones that you use. Their mannerisms are similar to your own. You can barely look them in the eyes for fear that they can read your mind because it's so intense...

I experienced this a few years ago and once in a while I still think of it. It's not like me to be this way. I did and said things very uncharacteristic for me and was much more open than usual. I don't even know his name. It's crazy, right?

Of course, being the big p*ssy that I am when I actually feel something, I let is pass by. But for some strange reason I am still thinking about it. I feel like I needed to know him.

I figured it was loneliness, alcohol, wanting attention or needing to know that I was still wanted or desired. Perhaps it was a power trip... It can't be any of those things anymore. I learned to like myself again and forgave myself for many things. I don't need attention and I don't get hammered drunk anymore unless it's a special occasion. I tried to rationalize it and came up with a million excuses to dismiss it. Here I am and I still think of it. Or should I say I think of him?

Anyone that really knows me can vouch for me when I say that I am very logical. I try to balance logic and emotion but in my mind, logic is usually favored.

I can't believe I'm even writing this story and I feel kind of silly doing so. I don't tell anybody these kind of things!! I'm trying to be more open to not just other people, but feelings in general, to love, to things that can't be explained, to things or situations that make no sense but seem so right...

I may or may not ever see him again but I still wonder. Was I supposed to know him? I really, honestly felt like I knew him and could sense his feelings, but in reality I didn't. I believe everything happens for a reason and if I'm supposed to know him, it will happen. If not, then maybe my lesson is not to let opportunities pass me by.
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I can relate. Nice post. Thx

Did you ever see the person/woman again?

I did. Had a long talk w/ her & found out that she had been thinking of me for a lot of years. I did learn one thing, you can't go back... no matter how great the memories R, you can't go back. life gets in the way and **** happens....so, since then, I've been a firm believer in striking when the 'iron is hot' Life is too short having said all of this, sometimes, I do wish I could go back.---
Best wishes

Thank you!

y/w ;-)

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It's happened to me....what if? Unfortunately. ..I had found out that my "friend" at the time who wanted him for herself, didn't pass along his number to me as he had asked. It really sucked!
What about finding him on Facebook? You never know.... ;)

What a crappy friend! I'm not on facebook and I don't know his name so it's up to fate.

I know!!! Really crappy....she's not my friend anymore. ...lol....
I'm not on Facebook, either but it seems like everyone is these days. You're right....if it's meant to be....it will happen. I'll cross my fingers for you ☺

You're sweet :) thank you.

Ohhhh....you're sweet, as well.....you deserve it ☺

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Yes...I've been there too. In the end though I still believe that all things happen for a reason. Maybe you weren't ready for that relationship then, maybe you didn't know exactly what you wanted, maybe he didn't know either. You know its entirely possible and maybe even quite likely he is having the same thoughts as you. After all he was looking at you that way for a reason. If your paths do cross again it sounds like there could be fireworks.
I'll keep an eye out into the night sky, when I see them I'll think of you and your story.

That is so sweet!! I don't know what to say...

Its ok - just seeing you smile is good enough for me.

I'm moderately Asperger's so it's rare for me to feel that sort of connection but it has certainly happened before. You're right, it's very intense and it's certainly not always romantic. It's just a level of comfort and familiarity that I so rarely experience.

Oh yes! Over the years, I have met several people who I felt that way about. And it is always unexpected... almost at the first moment of meeting I think "hmmmm... we have an amazing connection".

It's really neat when that happens, isn't it? Being a logically minded person, I find it slightly unnerving but exciting at the same time. I suppose not everything in life can be explained.

Yes, "slightly unnerving but exciting at the same time" is a good way to describe it. The excitement of it is very appealing to me... and I have been tempted many times to act on my initial feelings... but usually I keep myself in-check... :)

Yes, this has happened to me.

Do you have regret or do you think whatever was meant to be wouldve happened?

I wish I had made more of an effort to stay in touch with him.

One thing I know is that when you're in the company of other men and still thinking of that one man,It means it was a strong connection. Intuition or gut feeling whatever it was clearly it was telling you to follow your heart. I have felt that way with someone and I let it pass. Ahh I regret it badly.

What happened? Did he move on or did you never see him again? Does he still haunt your mind?

I never saw him again. It was way back when I had started working. It was a temporary job.I remember I used to get goosebumps when he was around. It's like I would feel all tingly inside, I would look from the corner of my eye and he would be staring at me. I would often watch him having lunch with others,cracking jokes but his eyes would come back on me. When we did talk he told me some of my habits that I didn't even notice before that. It was as though he knew me more than I knew myself. Every time he looked into my eyes,I felt he was staring through my soul. I had to leave that job because I got a permanent job. I felt he was upset. But we never verbalised anything. Now I feel like an idiot for not taking him seriously. I still think of him sometimes. I did find him on FB but sadly he's in relationship. I lost my chance. It's very rare when someone makes you feel so strongly. I am pretty sure it was more than the work of estrogen.

Wow...that's how I described it one time, just like you did. When he looked at me it seemed as though he could see straight through to my soul...wow.

It's real! I believe you.

Thank you because I feel crazy even writing about this. I have a feeling I will run into him again someday. I think he may have felt it too from the way he looked at me and things he said.

If you do, grab him and keep him for good! :)

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Wow what a story with great concept.
Reminds me of the time I was bout-22. My dad was reading the honor n announcment in the local paper. He was reading about a guy around my age whom was studying law n on his way to a successful career etc. He was Italian n dark featured. I didn't know hom at all he lived a coyple of towns over. I of course had not payed attention nor tried to figure out who he was ....I was into diffeeent types the kind that are not worth it....the reason I mention this story is when I look back on everything I wish I had found out who that guy was....its a fantasy yet how different n better just MIGHT HAVE been. Oh well we learn.. so tour story is normal LOL

Thank you for commenting. It just goes to show that it's better to take a chance than wonder the rest of your life.