Never Found A Place To Be

After 40 years I can say that I have never found a place where I could fit in. Growing up no one ever wanted to be my friend and I couldn't even get picked in sports teams whether I was good at the sports or not. I am so tired of trying to find my spot in life that I have just given up and decided to just hang out alone. Oh I have work, church, and business acquaintances and a wife but I really just can't connect with anyone. But it's o.k. really, I'm not depressed but just resigned to my lot in life. If I could have any wish it would be to be placed on a spaceship that will take many years to reach it's destination and I am all alone with nothing but a computer, a good exercise room, food, air, and plenty of stars to watch in the distance. People just aren't ...... something I want to try and need anymore. I dig being a loner ...... some would say it's a cowards way out but I have fought the battle and given generously of my time, money, and heart to no avail ..... time to take care of myself for a change. It's all good!! :)
lonertoo lonertoo
Dec 3, 2012