Please Help Me, I Feel Like I Should Be A Girl

I have always felt like I should be a girl, not a boy, as long as I can remember. I often dream of being a girl. I mean, I like girls, not guys, but I can't help but feel like i'm... wrong. Really no other way to describe it. I cross dress sometimes, and it feels right, and I feel happy in a way that I never am. All my friends are girls, I've always gotten along better with girls than guys. I don't know what to do, or that there's anything I CAN do. Please, somebody help me. I know that being a girl won't fix the problems in my life, but I still can't help but want it. I've never told anybody this before. Please, help me with what to do, and what to do to feel right.
puellapuer puellapuer
18-21, M
Dec 2, 2012