If Only Things Were Simpler..

Hey, my name is Lauren, i've recently turned 15. I live in the UK, and for four years now, i've wanted to run away to travel the rest of Europe.
In Year 7, my school went on a trip Disneyland Paris, me and my best friend at the time, Ashlea, had decided we were going to stay in Paris, when we were due to go home. We chickened out.
Bare in mind, at the time, we felt as if we had no-one else but each other, we where bullied at school, and things at home weren't great either.
Since I was 6, my parents used to fight, then my Mum became an abuser of drugs and alcohol, my Dad suffers with anxiety, depression, and a kidney condition, which over time has made him, very, very, antisocial.
So, after we returned home, me and Ashlea had a huge argument, and we didn't speak for over a year. I got friends and she didn't, until she'd asked to speak to me, she told me things at home had gotten even worse for her, and we became best friends again, and we planned to run away, again.
Anyway, i won't bore you any longer, but I still want to run away, four years later, and she's moved on with her life.
I don't know if i could leave my 7 year old brother, alone, or whether my parents could cope.
I'm sitting my GCSE's too.(Life changing qualifications.)
Help me, i don't know what to do anymore.
DoYouFeelTheSame DoYouFeelTheSame
13-15, F
May 9, 2012