I Wanna Run Away!

i have 3 kids and i love them so much but i also have husband that very controlling,his always shouting at me?nothing i do is right is never happy>I don't know why he should just go away?i guess he has to have power,that he way of being a man? When i was younger i was so bubbley person alots of friend nothin use to keep me down!Now i am so depressed!!!!Any one helpppppp
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1 Response Jan 19, 2013

I cry for you, because I know what it feels like, but tomorrow is a new day, flowers won’t grow without some tears, and only in darkness is there a light. You love your kids, and I know how it feels that you don’t want to hurt them by running away… you’re confused and scared and feel as if people just don’t understand. Its so hard because you don’t know what’s right. But it seems as though you are having troubles with your husband, you have to talk to him- I know its hard and scary, but people cant help you unless they know how you feel, if he truly cares about you than he’ll understand. Love isn’t only about feeling for one another, but helping catch the other one fall.
There is a you in this world, a beautiful, kind, wonderful you, and if you need a break, a time to breathe, or a moment to be alone then take it. Your kids will not be happy if you’re not, I know because im a kid still. Take a moment to feel free, get your head sorted out, and see life through the clouds and towards the sun.
Every problem is a gift girl, for without problems we wouldn’t grow. Don’t feel afraid to be yourself, take time with your children, and tell your husband how you feel.
I know its hard, but we have to keep running even when our feet ache sometimes, keep running girl, I know you’re strong, you inspire me because of that, just keep running- if you go to where your heart takes you, you’ll know you’re on the right path.
you're not alone, you're never alone- there's always someone out there who cares about you. ((hugs))