I wish I was a teenager when Nirvana, RHCP, Green Day and Blur were on the radio. Not friggen justin bieber and one direction. when instead of texting people you would walk to their house and ask the to come hangout. when the fashion was jean jackets and studs and buttons not croptops and shorts as long as belts. When people cared more about art then popularity and sex. And you could stay outside until the morning and parents wouldnt care because they actually were street smart. Boy meets world, full house and friends were on, mowhawks and dark nailpolish , when the punk, grunge kids were cool, not the outcasts. eyeliner was cool on boys and girls. earings on boys werent gay and lippiercings werent trashy. everyone was happy
QuinnMac12 QuinnMac12
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Trust me, it was crap :)