He Played Me Like I Was A Deck Of Cards

I dated this guy for six months and I loved him more than anything. He was sweet and I loved him to pieces but then he had his faults too but I chose to ignore them. One day I find out from my cousin he is seeing someone else. I said no way he cannot be seeing someone else he is seeing me. She said yes he is I saw him with another girl the other night at the movies and was kissing her and she showed me the picture. I texted my boyfriend and said how could you? How could I what he said and I said my cousin told me you were with another girl kissing her at the movies. He said I told you 2 weeks ago we should see other people. I said no you did not! Two weeks ago you and I went out on a date you kissed me and even said one day I hope we can get married and have children. I said I was heartbroken and hurt and I wish he would say he was sorry but no instead he said I hope we can be friends. Friends? Why would I be friends with someone who won't admit they lied and cheats on me with another girl while he was still dating me even though he won't admit it of course and says I told you 2 weeks ago I wanted to see other people. He just wants to cover his butt and make him look good and not admit he cheated and broke my heart. He is a liar and a jerk and I will never ever be friends with him.
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2 Responses Dec 22, 2011

i understand you so much honestly this has just happen to me

I am sorry you ended up with a pla<x>yer. That's what I call men that come on until they get you and then they have to go conquer another woman. They never stick with anybody very long and they jump from one right to the other. Been there a few times myself. They are very insecure men and your right he is a liar and a jerk and I am glad your not going to have anything to do with him. Best revenge is to move on and be happy while he stays insecure and a **** puppy. Hope your feeling better about all this soon.