The lease ends on my house share.

My partner asks his parents if I can move in. I have to agree to it because my mum didn't give me a definitive answer about moving in with her.

This happens a few days before I'm due to move out. I've only been with the guy for a few months and now I'm going to be living with him.

So I move in and for a while everything's fine. But now I'm being piled with familial obligations. I get invited to his Granddad's funeral, his niece's christening, engagement parties, even to functions hosted by family friends. It's all just too much. When his niece and nephew are visiting I get called 'Auntie'. People constantly ask me when we're going to have kids or tie the knot.

His family seem to have a lot of unwelcome input too. Discussing marriage and baby plans behind my back. Talking about whether or not we're ready for kids or how our wedding is going to be financed.

I don't want this. Any of it. When I met him I wanted someone to go steady with, to have a laugh and some fun. Now I feel trapped in a situation that I never wanted to be a part of.

There's never been a good time to break-up either. When we first started going out I was hospitalised, then his Granddad died, then my Granddad died.

Everything's been so rushed. When we first started going out we never really went on any dates. But despite that he admitted that we was in love with me and even talked about marriage.

He talks about stuff way into the future. I can't think that far ahead. I'm going back to college next month and after that I'm going to Uni. That's what I need to focus on.

His mum got me a job to help see me through college. It's the job her eldest son used to have. I'm totally thankful for it. However I tried to discuss my worries with her and she totally steamrolled my objections. Then just changed the subject.

I can't work 24 hours a week on top of three days of college and 15 hours a week of studying. I tried to talk to my boss and I was met with the same reaction. Plus some additional bullshit. But luckily this stuff has been resolved. Still find it annoying though.

My mum, my tutor, friends and partner have all said that I'll be exhausted. My partner even argued with his dad over this. His parents think I'll be fine. Their eldest managed it, so I can too apparently. Even though he used to get 4 hours sleep a night.

They don't care. The stress is making me ill but they haven't noticed. I tried to tell his mum but she just blew me off. She even walked off when I was mid-sentence. His dad has seen my dizzy spells and hasn't mentioned it once, not even to ask if I was feeling ok.

As long as they get their rent money they're happy.

Writing this has made me realise that I'm putting up with so much unnecessary crap. I'm going to walk away from all of it. Totally clean slate. Move back in with mum (hopefully). Dump my partner. Find a better job.
piercedpagan piercedpagan
26-30, F
Aug 20, 2014