Feel Soooooo Nervous Of Speaking English And... Get Stressed :(

i've been living in australia over 1year.
i didn't even think english was gonna ******* hard like this..... i left international school last year so i'm a main school student
sometimes i really don't understand english in class tho...
i know it was my choice to stay in australia and i shouldn't be so childish and can't reply on someone...
it's still hard to stay away from family and my plenty of korean friends tho...
it's really hard to get to exactly understand australian culture T.T
there's no one who understands me... i have to more stronger and mature.. i've got no choice, right?
i shouldn't be like this... i shouldn't feel like this way.
i've to make me get better and stronger.........

i still want to cry when i can't understand English or... have problem with making friends.
Alice0311 Alice0311
1 Response May 17, 2012

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