A Different Mask For Every Occassion

There's but one person I don't wear a mask in front of: my closest best friend. Everyone else in my life whom I've known for a while get's a 'piece of me'. I have my "work mask" my "home mask" and my "social gatherings" mask. I feel that if I don't hide part of me, then I will just crumble to pieces with all the criticism I would get from everyone. My best friend though, she's like a needle in a haystack. Without her, I would be in a completely different place in life, hanging with completely different people, and probably being the most boring person alive. I'm 20, and because I have had to hide behind this mask for so long, I'm just now getting to do things which I should have gotten to experience years ago.

I guess it all has its advantages though. Over time, you learn how to hide your fear and your worries, and in a way, that makes things just a little bit better.
cecillia2010 cecillia2010
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1 Response May 17, 2012

I also have a lot of different masks. Even in front of my best friends. I find that I'm getting better at taking it off. Not all the way completely, but slowly around certain people for a few moments out of the day. It's nice letting some people in and them accepting you. I just started letting myself be more of myself at work, and most of the people I work with say that I'm different. In a better way ofc haha. I think the only thing I don't let anyone see is sadness. That would just be too hard to do for me loool.