Overthinking the World!

A friend said recently, she 'thinks too much' ...i asked her ...ehhh what is thinking too much, there is no such thing! 

Actually, she is right. There is such thing as thinking too much and overthinking leads to many problems. Surely stress comes in everyone's life due to overthinking. I know it certainly does with mine!

It is overthinking on certain things, i feel, that means that i do feel as if i trouble or bother people about being mindful of emotions a bit too much.. better to forget about it, to not think so much, and just be happy!

ritchflynn ritchflynn
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2 Responses Mar 9, 2009

Sometimes I think....(heheheheh) that the ones saying that someone is thinking too much......does not think enough....<br />
<br />
For someone saw something that they never saw before

You are right, just share your story and have fun. I don't think anyone gets annoyed by such stories.<br />
Nice story, thanks for sharing.<br />
<br />
@ Scully, nice quote, who said that?