I know I am, but you would know very well if you knew what it is like to be where I am, your life just stands on the edge, its fall or back to land, so if you are annoyed, then stay away, in fact for everyone, stay away.

Floydian Floydian
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Ehehehehehe saraH (:P) this story was written some 100 years ago! Love ya too!<br />
<br />
Ok jerr which ones?

Don't be so dramatic with us floydian! We are your friends. You should know by now that you don't annoy us. Except for when you tell us to go away!! <br />
<br />
(((((hugs)))))<br />
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Love you!!

lets trade stories floyd.

Hehe it was just for you I wont even be bothering! :P

Thank you man.

Let us know what happens Floyd. Prayers are with you.

Thank you, you are a very kind soul, its just some issues I am dealing with, I have my result due at about midnight today, after that it will be the actual decision whether I am really in a bad place or not, atm I am just stressing out. Thanks for asking though, makes me feel better.

I could tell ... sometimes time helps. Unfortunately all to often it screws with your head in the short term and its only in the long term that it helps ..... your way to good person to get stuck in the bad place though for a long time ... i can tell that much in just the short time i have known you. If i can ever do anything for ya let me know ...

Thank man! Yeah I am in a pretty bad place!

dude I am guessing you must be in a bad place now - this is unlike you ... if you ever want to talk ... I will listen<br />
Until than or you give the alls clear I will stay away ... time for a Monty Python type retreat "flee flee run away run away ...."

Thanks tp, hugs too!

We havent talked as of now, have we?<br />
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Thank you, hugs too!

Thank you x

!@#$%^&have to log off..bye,hope everything will be ok..



Yeah, for your own sake