Just Sometimes

I sometimes feel that I'm annoying people with my emotions especially my friends because i usuanlly talk to them about my emotions like how i'am feeling a lot and they usually say ''Well don't worry about it or if they are just not really listening i mean yeah they are really good friends but i just sometimes feel that i'am getting on thier nerves. Same with my mom i usuanlly talk don't talk to her that much because she is usuanlly working but when she's not working i usuanlly talk to her about my emotions like how i'am feeling and she usuanlly says the same things as my friends do like ''Well just don't worry about it'' or she sometimes say ''You have nothing to worry about everything is going to work out.'' I just sometimes feel like i'am getting on people's nerves when i talk to them about my emotions i just wish i could meet that one person who will listen to me insted of saying the same thing over and over again and who will also understand where i'am coming from.

goneawayforgood goneawayforgood
2 Responses Mar 27, 2009

That's good and i'm glad everything worked out for you i usuanlly talk to my friends too but just sometimes i feel like i'm annoying them and i don't want to do that but just a lot is going on right now but i don't want to bother them so if you don't mind i probably will write you if you don't mind and also if your'e ever feeling sad or lonely or if you just want somebody to talk too you can always write me if you want.:)

I know how you feel, I get that from my friends when I talk about anything, like they aren't interested in it, or like they don't wanna talk to me. Luckily though I found a very good friend who listens to me and I listen to her and everything worked out. If you need someone to listen to you I'm always here, so feel free to spill it out :)