I Sometimes Wonder If I'm Cursed.

My life has been in a downward spiral since 1993. It was a time of corporate downsizing and I got caught up in the trend. Until that time my life was pretty normal, I was making pretty good money, not getting rich but had most of the things I needed. I had been relocated, because of my job to a small town in NC. The job market was nonexistant in the area, the internet wasn't around and all my contacts were suffering the same demise. I ended up being unemployed for over two year's. Needless to say, my accumulation of savings and K401 wouldn't cover my debt. Thus I ended up loosing everything, house, cars, etc.

When I was able to find employment it was through Manpower with a wage of a whole $8 an hour. I had been making over $25 an hour. I was eventually hired full time and worked myself up to $15 an hour and was getting back on my feet. About this time, the company decided to close so I again found myself out of work and now 51 years old. This time I lucked out and found a good paying job in Atlanta, Ga.. Only to have it change ownership and management after 15 mo's. Unemployed again. By now, the internet was going strong so I sent resume's all over the country. Would you believe I ended up getting a job back in the same town where I was living when I got downsized the first time. It ended up a job I hated as it was more of a slave shop. 18hr days, 7day weeks was the norm. At the time of my arrival, the plant was only 5 year's old and they had already fired over 1,800 people. Pretty amazing considering they only employed a little over 300. I ended up speaking my piece one day which led to my being fired. Unemployed again only now I was 55. I'll be 60 in a couple months and still unemployed though I gave up looking after a while. Plus I really didn't want to relocate again as I've already lived in 14 different states. Seems no one is interested in hiring an old man. Luckily, I was able to start drawing my retirement from the company I worked for originally. It's not much but better than nothing.  At any rate, my life stays in a termoil, wife left for greener pastures, daughter in abusive relationship constantly needing money to help her and the grandkids, health problems with my parents 400 miles away. When does this curse end? How can I make it end? 14 year's and still counting. I need a break!

LovingGuy LovingGuy
56-60, M
Apr 4, 2007