Different And Proud

I know how it feels to be cast different. I was born and raised in a small northern Indiana city the  name of the city was South Bend it was very simple and   country like it had none of the problems that plaque middle size cities I married and relocated to Gary indiana Gary is a very fast paced city. So from the moment I stepped in I was considered an odd ball. I had always been a quiet and private person in my own hometown yet I made a small circle of friends who respected my personality and I was free just to be myself no one ever labeled me or considered my  shy side weird. They were wonderful people. All that changed when I settled down in Gary, suddenly I was a weirdo, because as one lady said If she was normal she would run around with us.My neighborhood doesn't consider quiet people o.k. My independent way upset folks so bad half of my street rose up in anger it became so bad for me a few years ago I had to hire my uncle to body guard our home a few hours each night so no one would break out our cars windows or damage our home in any way. I have a nick name       The Crazy Lady                             "I am crazy because I wouldn't dance to the neighborhood music. These people are a perfect example of the herd instinct that troubles half of mankind if you don't act the way the crowd wants you to they come after you. It is their nicknaming  hostile way  that makes me refuse to contact them that is no way to try to make friends and believe I would be afraid to be around them they act like a mob group.yes they have made it very hard I don't like being considered Crazy but no one is going to force to be something that I am not, just to live peaceful with them. I am just that way.

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1 Response Dec 4, 2010

I admire you for being "different" and not be forced to follow others expectations. When people don't understand or fear us, they label us as crazy and weird.