We are all born to die. When and how is the untouchable paradigm. Because is not on our terms but up to the Universe to determine.
Meanwhile, we remain in a constant state of painful growth. This knowledge and the pain of dying inside brings unsurpassed strength for us to know what is the true significant of our existence. It is alchemy. Our pain is a privilege. Be patient, be strong, I am here, we all are here. Fuse the metals in pain; at the end you will have gold, you will glow like gold, you will be Gold.
Your friend.
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Understud.<br />
Nevertheless to me love is life and light giving force. The capasity to give and recive love humbuly is a strength. Love is paralyzing, energizing, always changing and transforming. We can not contain love, it contains us. Love is like waves in the ocean. You can smel it, taste it, touch it, feel it, love it back but you can never contain it.

manlio, are you from India or somewhere in Asia?

No, I am from the Carribean Ilands.

Okay. I somehow did not think you were from the U.S. I get a feel for these things. What is your nationality? I'm British-American

I am USA citizen. I am from Puerto Rico. You probably can tell by my accent ;)

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I can't agree that this pain of dying inside brings strength. Maybe to some, but not for others. I find it debilitating, and the only remedy is love, and the friends who love me, and edify me.