Mid-twenties Crisis!

I know, I'm not really that old. But the thing is, I still haven't graduated college. I just found out that one of my friends was born in 1989. 1989!

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27 and havent finished my degree yet. And due to this wonderful economy I had to move back in with my parents. Dont feel bad. I can always be worse.

I can see this story and these comments were shared quite a while ago, but I just felt like saying something here, because I really identify with this!! I'll be 25 next month - aargh! I will start the final year of my post graduate studies in September. As well as studying, I have taken the time to do other things these past few years, which I do not regret. However, I am now back living with my parents, like you mentioned too Gina. I never imagined that I would be back here when I thought about what I would be doing by now when I was a teenager! Everything I am doing now has a focus on starting the career I really want, and which is quite hard o get into, so I'm hoping it will all be worth it (and of course, I can then move away!) but it can feel quite depressing in the meantime.

That's good Gina, I think time fr<x>ames are a good bit of structure. They allow for, small tangible mile markers along the way. A friend and neighbor who's into the whole "The Secret" thing, told me to just make a list of certain things I want, and put realistic time fr<x>ames on each item. I don't know if this is going to work, but I've come to the realization while making the list that, I wasn't as focused as I thought I was. Somewhere along the line between a full time job, part time classes, and a committed 3 year relationship I lost focus of what exactly I was working towards. I found that I had been chasing watered down generalities of the goals I set some where between 13 and now; quite an intimidating prospect. <br />
So, Huzzah! as they say at Renfest, and don't be afraid to define what kind of career your actually aiming for and what 'ladder rungs' you might have to habitate before settling in to your ideal.

Afazchas, I too am muddling through my Associates degree, but I'm 24 going on 25 next month. Someone just shoot me. Did I mention that I'm still living with my parents?...Cringe! I always get jealous of the twenty-somethings living in a bachelor(ette) pad and enjoying a well-paying career. Sigh* I give myself three more years to get a career going. I wish I could've done things differently in the past.

23 and feeling old...Muddling through my Associates degree...nowhere near having the career/life i want...