Pregnant And Feeling Alone

Well my husband left me, Pregnant and I feel like he doesn't want anything to do with this pregnancy. He is now out of state and has a job and everything, and says he has no choice to be apart of the pregnancy with me. He says he's happy about the baby and is over joyed over the phone but I don't think it's the same as actually being there. He doesn't understand how much I need him here with me emotionally, as well as physically. and I'm getting kind of frustrated... cause I thought he was happy about the baby ( at least he says he is) you'd think he'd want to be here with me for support during this pregnancy... Like I know there are other people that are here to support me but he's my husband and the father... he should be here with me through this... be there with me at my appointments be over joyed with me instead of me telling him over the phone. So they say actions speak louder then words.... well what are his actions supposed to be tell me.... It makes me so sad that he's choosing not to be here with me... Leave it to him to leave me when I need him to be there for me the most... ) : I shouldn't have to do this without him, and he should be here with me.... He's not in jail or in the military so he's choosing not to be here, that's the part that hurts the most...Like if he's not here with me know when I need him the most is he ever really going to be there for me...
BrandiFranzen BrandiFranzen
Sep 29, 2011