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Cure My Thoughts Please

I think about so much my mind never seems to stop. I always constantly think about the worst that could happen or always punishing myself with thoughts that don't make sense. No matter how hard i try i cant seem to stop im going crazy. Im so afraid to one day lose my mind. I don't know why i cant just stop and be more positive with my thoughts. I had a pretty rough life but i got threw it. Why am i so worried and negative all the time. (well i know the reason's why) but why do i torture myself so much over it with these frighting thoughts. One day i just want to think about nothing at all. why is it so hard to let go?
Torishu Torishu 22-25, F 13 Responses Mar 10, 2011

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aww *hugs* same here

You are very welcome Torishu. I hope things get better for you soon. Hugs.

when my grandfather died and my parents divorced I just pretended I didnt care I didnt feel anything but the truth Is I was hurting bad I had hatred toward everyone and I wanted them to hate me until my parents got remarried thats when I began to love myself again.

yeah ur right. i guess i let them get the best of me somtimes. im just always living in fear thinking the worst could go wrong all the time. im so negative i hate it.

I use to go through the same thing but that all stopped when I started to love myself.I'm a happier person ever since I started that.The only thing I just cant chase away are my nightmares but I dont let them get to me anymore.But it seems you got alot of trouble on your hands right now I use to have bad thoughts and I mean realy bad.What kinda thoughts do you think about.

Your right quartet thank you

Thats ok Christyna im just kinda use to people being cruel with suggestions. I just have alot of unhealthy thoughts on my mind and coming here helps me let any problems out. It makes me feel better atleast alittle bit. Im sorry to hear what you have been threw i am glade to hear that your doing much better. I have been doing alittle better than before i hope it stays that way. I come here i read self help books anything that will change my mind into better thoughts. Your right no matter how tough things can be it will get better thank you:)

Thanks Quartet. I appreciate that.

Oh Torisha, I am so so sorry. I wasn't at all saying that you are blaming others. I was stating that there is that type of person out there who isn't seeking any kind of help. You are seeking help talking to others here on EP and that's a great thing to do. And you've already been to therapy and it didn't work for you. <br />
<br />
Once again, I do not believe everyone needs medication, however, some people do. Again I am not saying that you need medication. How would I know? I also stated above that everyone can "benefit" from counseling. That doesn't mean that everyone "needs" counseling.<br />
<br />
I too had a hard life and it has gotten much better just these past seven years. I am finally out of crisis. I had a rough childhood and endured severe trauma (for years which trickled down into adulthood). I was a single mother of two children their entire upbringing and one child with a disability. Plus I did not get any financial support from their father. I only commented on your story because I was reaching out to you. I used to have thoughts that were unhealthy (fear ba<x>sed) and I've overcome it all (90%) and I was just trying to help you. I truly wasn't trying to talk down to you, Honey. In my first comment I was asking you questions because I was trying to see where you are at. That's all. I was just trying to help.

Thank you quartet you are right i do let things bother me alittle bit too much. My mind is never silent but thats because im letting this continue it is hard but i am doing my best. The only way i can change this is to change the way i think. Thank you

Christyna we are all here to share and help and experience story's and im not blaming others for my problems yes i have been in therapy and i dont like meds. I worry so does half the people on this planet you have no idea what i have been threw instead of giving some advice and just shooting to the meds and therapy just dont even bother giving an opinion at all. Not everyone has a worry free mind but thanks.

Quartet: I didn't say to Torishu to take medication. I asked if she was on medication or in therapy. Some people are fortunate to not need medication and can work through their thoughts via counseling or just plain ole affirmations. However, others are more unstable and NEED medication to help them reroute their brain wiring and thinking, especially from trauma. <br />
<br />
A psychiatrist is the most qualified professional to determine if Tirishu needs medication. And as far as therapy goes, everyone would benefit from therapy; Moveover, often the ones who need it most, don't seek help because they are sadly too busy blaming their problems on others.

Girl, you sound depressed and anxiety-ridden. Do you see a therapist for this or take medication?