Not Sure

Not quite sure if I really ever knew myself in the first place. I'm at a point in my life in which there isn't that much going right. Is my world in shambles? I don't think so, err I don't really know, for the simple fact that there isn't something very devastating or traumatic going on, i'm just not happy or sure of much. There are questions that one should know about themselves, or be able to answer truthfully, questions that for the life of me I just can't answer. Simple questions such as; What do you want?( no idea) What's something about yourself that you like?( I honestly can't answer that question with anything other than an "uh my hair is soft so yeah i like that").What brings you joy? I mean if you can't even figure out an answer to what makes you happy, even for a moment, what can you answer, what do you truly know about yourself? I'd like to take a quote from the movie "Manic" here, "I want each of you to tell me something right now that gives your life meaning", I look at that quote and i'd honestly like to hear others peoples answers to it, because for the life of me I can't bring myself to actually spit out an answer, because I don't have one.

Ask me what I truly know about myself and all I can actually answer with is these things; I'm straight (yes I like womens even though for the most part things haven't worked out for the best with anyone i've ever been interested in before.) I have no direction, i'm depressed, i'm a little messed up in the head, i'm an avid overthinker and analyzer, I like movies and music, i'm socially awkward and inept, oh yeah I like poetry, yeah that's about it.

MiracleWhipTrickster MiracleWhipTrickster
18-21, M
Jan 8, 2013