I'm barley 15 Years old & I'm already hating life... And I've attempted Sucide...
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I probably/ maybe not, been through a lot worse than you have at the age 15 is where my life turned in every negative way possible but I have never hurt myself once. As you get older you'll realize that it is not your why whatever heq

Happened happened.* Life will never be perfect we are not God and were not made to be created perfect. Bad things happen to poor people, RICH people, good people, bad people, even babies because that is just life. You have to realize that you are still alive today which means you have a purpose to serve. Your only 15 give yourself some time to mature and have a better understanding of things and things will slowly get better. Just remember that there is always somebody Ina worse position than you and they are handling it.

What's wrong? Talk to me? O.o

O.o life isn't that bad.... Meowww.......

Yes it is when your WHOLE world is just falling apart...

Oh.. I m 15 too but my world is moving on a buttered road... Weeeeeee.... What happened to urs?

Your whole life? 15 years and you think you're having a hard time? This is the easiest part of your life. Enjoy it while you can.

Yes my whole life, my WHOLE 15 years I've been Alive been hell.

Lol you make me laugh. You do not know what hell is little girl. I think you're just a spoiled brat. Life's so hard? Tell that to the people who has to sleep in the streets that's younger than you. Show em how life is so hard with you posting this and taking a selfie with your cellphone for a profile pic. I think you are just after attention.

I don't think it's a good deal to say to somebody that its feelings are nothing compared to others, even if it's true (or not).
Because, it won't resolve anything, but can make things worse, like inciting people to have worser life in order to be right to complain.
Yes, it may seem illogic, but who in the world act logic when depressed ?
Not me, at least.

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