What is normal?
There is no such thing. Why?
Because normal is subjective. If something is subjective, it's an opinion. Opinions usually differ from someone else's in the world. There's no such thing as a unanimous opinion. There'd be someone on this Earth that would have an opposing opinion. That's just how it is.
So then why do I fret all the ******* time?
Why does that voice in my head say, "GhostBride, act normal. You're not acting normal! Blend in!" If normal is subjective, I'm bound to be weird or come off as odd to somebody. Why should I care?
I don't know why I care so much.
I know I'm not like other people. It's not easy for me to make eye contact, but when I do, I look deep into your eyes and never break it until I here that voice, "Act normal!" and break eye contact, averting my eyes to my phone or anything other than your eyes. It's weird, but that's me.
I treat new people I meet like I've known them for years. I like to take care of people. I was just raised that way. But it's always seen as weird. I won't act standoffish if I think you're cool, but it seems like that's just how people act towards each other I guess, I don't know.
Everything interests me. I'm no metal head, no b girl, no label. I can't put myself in one category. I like something in all the categories, but I'm weird because of that. I don't fit in with one set group because I don't like just one thing or just a few things. I like it all.
I don't know...I never did. I don't think I ever will know. I'm an awkward, over analytical, antisocial, shy, quiet, struggling odd ball that wants to travel around the world and learn as many languages as possible, but I will treat you like royalty if you make me feel...normal.
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2 Responses Oct 17, 2014

just be your self , and act some skillfully , you don't need to pretend some thing else as possible .

I don't hear that voice. I'm shy and I have social anxiety. I can stare deeply too. I was always lonely. I eyes show longing and I stare at people deeply because I am deeply interested in what they have to say. Especially if they like me. Through the gaze I kind figure out who had feelings for me. I feel like I can open to someone know since I finally did it a few weeks ago. It might be hard at first but the only thing that is hard is the first step. I like a lot of music too but not really country I have to be in a certain mood because most times I can't stand slow songs.

😞 I do that TOO much