I feel lost in this world because i know i don't belong here.
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I have felt similar, I think. For me, I always felt IN the world, just not OF the world. I'm more of an observer, like a visitor to a zoo. I have never felt like I belong, like I have to pretend somehow.
However, as I have gotten older, I have realized that this isn't necessarily bad. Actually, it's a positive trait. It allows me to think outside of the box. It's also taught me resilience, empathy, and allowed me to be a freethinker and advocate for those who feel "different"...the castaways and wallflowers.
Keep your head up. Love yourself because you are special.

Maybe you weren't originally from here. I delt with that a lot and still do. I believe that spiritually we certain people have descended here on earth to help. Keep the positive thoughts ☺️

I felt like that for many years. I tried countless times to exit but either failed or got revived which only made me more upset. I just didn't want to play anymore. But the way I see it now is. We are all here for a reason it could be to help someone else find there way or spark something in someone to lead them to do great things for the benefit of all nature or just humanity. Or we could be here for some other role. Who is to say we ever really leave we could be reincarnated and end up in a worse situation. What if you came back as a tree and had to sit there having people animals crawl all over you getting rained on branches broken off or cut off and living that torment for hundreds of years before you get to try something else again. Ha ha that was just a thought and question all in one. Anyway things change with time feelings thoughts people and the way you deal with things. When you look back it goes pretty quick too. I think knowledge and understanding is a major key in helping. Research anything that you take an interest in or curious about but don't take anything as fact look at every side every angle all opinions ect. Then make your mind up from there. Let it take you where ever it leads you.

It's a feeling everyone want, to feel part of the world, but everyone can also make you feel like you don't belong. Finding people with the same ideals may quell this feeling but even then those people will be hard to find. Find your purpose and the rest will come.

Sometimes we all do. It passes.

hen go to heaven or hell if you believe in them or stay here and make the best out of it

You most certainly belong in my world...and I know I ain't alone...x

No ... you certainly aren't alone . . .

I have been feeling the same way also for many years

Me too.. it's so sad

I found this ask.fm that seems to help people with advice. I just thought I should tell people. www.ask.fm/StepIntoMyOffice

I feel you so much on that.

you are not alone, Bee <3

Often feels like it.

you know you have all of us around. we are here to help you stay grounded :)

I know that :)