Not Smart Enough

I have an IQ of approximately 130. Most people consider that to be good. I don't. My sister is a lot smarter than me. I wish I was smarter.
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2 Responses Sep 10, 2012

Mal is right

What you mean is your IQ was 130 when tested at school, maybe 20+ years ago?

If you, like me, have spent time daily stretching your mind, google MENSA & take IQ test again

It's like physical exercise regime strengthening muscles

The brain is a muscle that needs & responds to exercise

Conversely, those with high IQ 20_ years ago who only watch dumbed down TV & only go on dumbed down websites & only listen to dumbed down radio will find their IQ substantially decreased

I'll never forget in the drug crazed '70s, a guy who HAD been MENSA

Thru drug abuse, he became SUB normal - IQ below 100

Drunkenness can do it too

Evenb more vital is to feed the spirit healthy food

I use 2/3 daily readings @

God bless

you are you just don't have trust in you self....see your self in a different angle.insecurity is your problem..find out what your good at and do it and love it..i bet your smarter than your sister..