I Can't Compete With Her. Or Any Of The Other Girls.

I have never been the girl that gets all the boys. I've never been the one to attract a lot of them. People say i'm pretty but, that sometimes that can be intimidating. ( Something I will never understand)
I try my very best to be a good person. When I find someone I really like and someone I want to be in a relationship with I want to do everything for them.
I love to being around and do things for the person I am with. I like to cook and clean and help in any way I can. I've always been that person that if you need something you call me and you know I am more than willing to help! I enjoy helping the people I care about. Seeing them happy makes me incredibly happy! I love being about to put a smile on their face. Yet, I always seem to lose my relationships.. This last one hurts the most. I would do anything for this boy.. and I have done everything for him. He knows how much I care about him and his family does and so does his best friend. They constantly ask him why he broke up with me and why he won't date me. He says to me "He likes me and likes having me around but doesn't want to be in a relationship with anyone.. that we are not an official couple but we are seeing each other" ... I know he has friends that are girls and that's cool.. The thing I don't know is why he has to talk to the ones that are not friends.. and see if there could be something more there. When here I am the girl that he calls beautiful and cute and tells me what he likes about me .... The girl that would/did/does do everything and anything for him. Why can't he see that he has something amazing in his life? Why does he want something else? When he loses me completely.. I hope he realizes what he lost.
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That is one of the problems with finding the right person, that the feeling is mutual, and he probably can't tell you what is not right for him about it. Have you never felt that way about a relationship?