My Shoking Story

 i feel am no smart becoz any people no like or love me evone my faimly member sey honey my name honey u know u so uggly am lough and say i know dear somtime i feel i wiil suside bt my close frnd my heart say this think is bad and am crying
2 Responses May 18, 2012

Hey, don't feel bad! Its not about how much you know. It is about how hard you are willing to work to acquire knowledge. I had a brain tumor and dropped out of school and never attended high school. I always felt I wasn't smart enough. Its funny people always complain about me being loud too! (but I guess that's another story) But, anyway, I decided later to get my GED and try to go back to college. I worked hard and am graduating this spring with a 3.7 GPA. I was told by a lot of people that I was not cut out for college. (even my parents!) It sounds like you want to be smarter and have the desire to learn. That is ALL that matters! I believe are capable of much more that you think. My brother told me something when I started school that stuck with me. He said,"Don't worry if school is hard. It's supposed to be hard." This made me feel better when I was going through some tough courses.

I was able to pick up your meaning. I'm guessing you are bilingual? If so, I believe you are smart. Learning another language is hard. As for people who criticize you...they do it because they are terrified that they themselves are not smart enough or pretty enough or rich enough or whatever. Spend as little time with haters or negative people as you can. Befriend people who are not judgmental. This gains you the freedom to hear your real self..,the real Honey. If you live with critics make plans on how to get out quick. Most importantly, be kind to yourself. No one is perfect. NO ONE. But, you will see when you're kind to yourself, several things happen at once. You start to see clearer. You start to pray or have visions of how it would look to feel good inside. Solutions to your problems will start to take shape. You'll begin to see every situation is temporary because change is inevitable. You'll start to read and research more on how to grow, because that's what the stranger on this post said she did...Take a good look at the history of oppression, and the degradation (words, weapons, etc) of peoples. Like gold tested through fire, They came out stronger. Honey, a good life is within you. I know that, and I think you know that, too. This is the reason for your quest/post.