Possible Conspiracy

On Saturday I called the landlord in total frustration and complained for the 18th time about the plasma tv volume from next door.  It sounded like a motorcycle was revving in my living room. I called at 310pm and I was a tad hysterical because I'd been abused ALL week morning, noon , and night. The landlord said "I will talk to him".  A couple of minutes later the volume from next door went UP several decibels higher and my brain felt as if it were going to explode! I let it go for a bit thinking that the landlords call to him would stop the onslaught but after about 20 minutes there was no change and I couldn't stand it anymore so I turned on my cd player and cranked the volume up as loud as I could and it pretty much drowned out the noise from his tv.  That man kept his volume like that from 3:12pm to 1014pm. I came to the only conclusion that I could and it was that he was "punishing" me for calling in another complaint against him and that he knew the landlord wouldn't do anything to him so he tortured me without restraint.  I didn't get sleep that day.  Sunday morning at 7:09am he started it up again, not as loud, but just as intrusive.  It was on just a few minutes and he left.  At 9am I sent the landlord a text message about the volume being increased after my complaint and that I had reached my limit after having endured this mistreatment for 3 long months and that either the guy didn't care what he (the landlord) said or he told him to turn it up louder to make me move out.  I believe the landlord wants me to move out of here and into another apartment that has limited tenant capabilities because of it's location and I expressed this in my text also.  So now I am leaving this hell hole on March 2 without a backwards glance and I don't want to have to see any of the people involved in this again.  Co-incidentally it was totally quiet for the rest of the day on Sunday.  Why I don't know, but I was able to get sleep. I've been able to get only a couple of hours here and there since I moved in here. That man controls when I sleep!  That is no way to live and I am paying rent for this!?

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1 Response Feb 26, 2007

Call the police and report the noise...Maybe that will help.