Constant Badgering

I moved into this apartment with bright eyes and high hopes and immediately the illusion was destroyed. The initial problem was an inconsiderate neighbor who played his giant plasma TV as loud as he chose and after 17 complaints he's still torturing me which brings me to the second problem here which is the landlords.  Not only did they not make this man STOP his malicious intrusions they would just pop up for no reason and knock on my door as if I had something to hide and they wanted to catch me at it.  There was a bug problem when I moved in and the critters were hiding in the sink drains and crawling in under the door with that wide crack.  The landlord told me REPEATEDLY not to use spray because there was pest control treatment in here already as if I was supposed to just sit back and let the bugs run in and out freely and HOPE that they ate the bait!  It was ludicrous!  I wasn't living like that.  I put weather stripping around the door frame to prevent the bugs from coming in and I got rid of the ones that had already been in here. I don't have bugs now because of MY efforts not their feeble attempt that I was told cost 2500 dollars over and over again.  Things started to lighten up when I told them that I was retired military and terminally ill and I guess they thought the threat was over because they backed off.  One problem was solved more or less and because of the landlords not enforcing the lease agreement which states that tenants are required to keep their tv and music volume down to not disturb their neighbor I tried to problem solve to try and get away from the noise if I could. I moved my furniture around four times and nothing helped so I began wearing headphones and playing music loud in order to try and drown out the noise and it didn't always work. After complaint number 14 the landlords suggested that I move into another of their complexes. They still wanted my money and the place that they wanted me to move into was in a bad area. I'd just moved into this place 3 weeks before.  After complaint number 16 they suggested that I move into the other place once more and I said I will not go through the expense and trouble of moving again when he is the problem. So, they had him move his monster tv to the other wall and although it stopped my apartment walls from vibrating it did absolutely nothing for the voluming projection which was exactly the same.  He refused to turn it down and it was like I lived in an IMAX theater from 1130am to 4pm and from 715pm to 10pm on a daily basis. This man controls when I can sleep and when I can hear my own television set and when I have quiet.  Then I notice there are termites gnawing at the window frame in the bathroom window. So I see to that problem and it's solved and next there are ants crawling around in there and I see to that and although they diminished I still see curled up bodies on the sink and one or two crawling on the wall. There is also a problem with the commode.  It's a good thing that the water is free!  The oven was broke and I fixed that.  Then there is the neighbor with the rotweiller that's the size of a horse and he lets him run around like it's a puppy  and can't control it and the next thing I know some people move in and they have a doberman that's beautiful but also huge.  He barks as I pass by and that's unnerving enough! Now.  I've got the noise, the landlords, the termites, the ants, the oven, the dogs, not being able to sleep or have quiet until the neighbor sees fit to ALLOW me to.  Consequently I lost 11 pounds.  Because of my constant irritants I am up most night from 1130pm to the following afternoon around 130p and I will TRY to get some sleep and I usually can.  On this particular day it was really cold and perfectly quiet and I laid down for some much needed rest and I was awakened by a knock at the door at 250pm. I wasn't even remotely considering getting up to answer it because no one has any business knocking on my door especially on a SATURDAY.  The knock came again and I thought that was it.  I was mistaken because I heard a key in my door trying to open it!  The landlord was trying to enter my place ILLEGALLY!!  I double secured my door to prevent such a thing and I'm glad that I did.  Just because I did not answer my door they were coming in here.  I might have been out, or asleep (which I was), or I could have even been in the shower or using the bathroom--either way they would have walked in on me doing whatever it was that I'd have been doing thinking that I was secure and safe in here.  It was simply the last straw!  It's bad enough that I was told to move when I was not the problem. It was bad enough that they kept coming over here like I was some kind of criminal. It was bad enough having to live with that man next door controlling my sleep. It was bad enough having to deal with the ants and the termites. NOW THIS---total disrespect and intrusion.  I am so out of here next month.  I've suffered here for 3 months and it's 3 months too long. I'd intended to honor my lease no matter what was done to me but to have them feel they can just open my door just because I don't answer it or whenever they want to is entirely too much.  This is not a good situation to be in and I need to take control of my well being again. I've more or less surrendered it to these people and I've had enough of the BS.  I am fortunate to have a place set up already that's much better than this no matter how bad it is.

























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2 Responses Feb 17, 2007

Why didn't you call the police and report them for disturbing the peace in the middle of the night?

Your next place will seem like a castle, lol. You should have fought back with your noisy neighbor by putting lice in his room, lol. Oh I am evil.