I Think Im Part Wolf

Yah sooo im 18 and since i was born have had like a reallly really strong *** connection to wolves. You really would not expect anyone like me to be sayin all this like ..i guess people look at me as like one of the **** up teenagers/pothead people haha so yah i have drempt of turning into a wolf many times and in the dreams i just feel like.......complete ...idk it just feels right. then i wake up the next morning as a human and wish the dream where true. Really sometimes it feels like i have like a wolves spirit or some **** and was born in a human body.....but idk,,,its really weird
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I Have The Same Feeling But Im Not A Pothead And I Dont Hav Dreams In My Sleep About Them I Dream While Im Awake ABout Being One I Love Them I Hav To Be Around Them To Feel Like Im Alive I HAv My Whole Room FUll Of Pictures Statues And Everyone At School Says My Face Looks Like One And How I act And How I Breathe And How I Walk I JUst Really Do Believe I Am One Inside Was One I The Past And Going To Be One Next Life

me too every night i have a dream about wolves and me tuning into one can hear howling i Love meat and i have four fangs in the same areas as a wolf i want to howl at full moons i think i have a wolf spirit in a human body..... .....i feel weird repling ..................

oh i am in the 13-15 age so dont let my profile fool you

im ashamed of u all no self control over ur urges no pack pathetic

Im with you. Sure you might feel like that,and obviously others do to,but you have to keep your will power up.It could destroy your life if you dont....trust me...iv'e been there;_;

Not kidding I just attacked my bff

i do to man, sometimes i wish i didnt, but thats just the way it is.

NO its crazy im 45% wolf you arnt even that trust me i hunt eat raw meat have real wolf fangs and a lot more so dont tell me what crazy is!

me to

CRAZY right?


i also feel trapped in this human skin. its like my spirit is a wolf and my body is human. lately ive been forgetting im human and ive been growling at my friends and family. it might sound weird but its true.