I Am A Wolf *howls With Pride*

Ever since I was little I have always loved wolves and on May 6, 2010 I met a guy who feels the same way as me and we met on a website called www.furrytofurry.com and there we are wolves and we are also mates on the site. I also went on a spiritual journey and I found that I am indeed a wolf but not just any wolf I am a alpha female and my boyfriend is a alpha male. I have been having dreams of us as our wolf self and we have a huge pack and recently in the dreams I have given birth to six pups three boys and three girls. My boyfriend and me enjoy the fact that I have found out that we are alphas and that we have had pups and that we have a huge pack and he has told me that he hopes that someday we will join our two families into one huge family and we will have kids and they will continue to spread the wolf spirit. For when they are born they will be alphas in spirit.
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Congrats guys I hope that y'all have a happy life as a family :D

Glad you are happy *Howls of Happiness* xxx Congrats - Its very rare...

very cute. i am glad you guys are happy.